Tyne Tunnel transport system improvements enhance journey for commuters

Changes to the Tyne Tunnel transport system is making life easier for commuters.

The Tyne Tunnels transitioned to, Open Road Tolling, meaning you can now drive straight through the tunnels without stopping to pay your toll at the point of passage.

This is the biggest project for the Tyne Tunnels since the opening of the second tunnel in 2011. TT2 have introduced major improvements to the way you travel, as well as new, modern technology with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras that scan your Vehicle Registration Number inside the tunnels and deducts the toll from your Pre-Paid account, or allows you to pay your toll by midnight the day after your journey.

They have more payment methods available than ever before. Pre-pay or pay after your journey via our website, app, automated telephone payment line or at any PayPoint retailer. You can pay for multiple journeys at the same time.

The new website design makes it easier than ever to find what you need, a virtual assistant is available to help answer your questions, and a new travel calculator helps you find out how much you can save with a Pre-Paid account.

Tyne Tunnels also have a brand-new app where you can manage your Pre-Paid account, top-up and add or remove your vehicles. You can also pay for a passage after travel, see the latest stories, offers & rewards exclusively for Tyne Tunnels customers, including promotions and discount codes for local experiences and shops. Search “Tyne Tunnels” in the app store and download now.

They are continuing to enhance your experience with us as we remove our toll plazas to make way for a modern road design that will improve journey times, making your journey smoother by having two continuous lanes from inside the Tunnels seamlessly continuing with the A19. The website has all information you need to plan your visit and find out how to travel with us from start to finish.