Town board appointed to deliver Spennymoor vision

A town board to oversee the long-term development of Spennymoor is being established as residents are asked to give their views on what they would like to see for the community.

Durham County Council has appointed Alan Boddy as the independent Chair of the new Spennymoor Long Term Plan for Towns (LTPT) board.

Currently the Chief Executive of Livin Housing and Chair of the Advance Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust, Alan has spent most of his career working in Spennymoor.

He will take on the new role as Chair of the Spennymoor LTPT board from 1 April for an initial contract period of three years.

Other members have also been appointed to the board, including Cllr Elizabeth Scott, the council’s Cabinet member for economy and partnerships, Bishop Auckland MP Dehenna Davison, and Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen.

Further board members will be appointed to represent local employers and businesses, public sector agencies, and community organisations.

The board will have several important tasks in overseeing the delivery of the long-term town plan such as:

  • Developing a vision for the town
  • Identifying the types of projects which should benefit from the new £20 million government funding.
  • Identifying issues and priorities to focus on for the town plan through discussions with residents, community groups, businesses, and partners.
  • Designing a town plan which will be delivered through a community-based collective, bringing together and making use of existing community resources, assets, and powers.
  • Looking for additional funding or encouraging extra investment to support activities.

Cllr Elizabeth Scott, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for economy and partnerships, said: “The appointment of an independent Chair and board members for the Spennymoor LTPT marks the first exciting step in delivering a new vision and long-term plan for the town.

“Spennymoor has benefited from both public and private sector investment in recent years. The town board will help us to keep the momentum going and empower local people to shape the future of their town and identify projects that will make a positive difference for years to come.”

Alan said: “I am delighted to have been appointed Chair of the new Spennymoor LTPT board. Having spent most of my career working in the town, I have seen the changes the community has experienced and understand how important it is that the best use of funding is made. I look forward to using my role to help continue to improve Spennymoor and the lives of the people living and working in the town.”

In conjunction with appointing the first board members, the council has launched a public consultation to gather views from the public on the long term plan for Spennymoor.

Feedback from the consultation will help identify the town’s vision as well as priorities for investment and regeneration across the next 10 years. It will cover three themes of:

  • High streets, heritage, and regeneration: The re-use or conversion of empty high street buildings; creation of parks and green spaces; preserving heritage sites; encouraging new uses for the high street; ensuring that local people can take advantage of new jobs.
  • Transport and connectivity: Projects to improve roads and cycle routes to make the town centre more accessible and safer.
  • Safety and security: Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour such as CCTV, street lighting, additional policing and council wardens, awareness raising and community outreach.

Residents have until 31 May to give their views. A programme of face-to-face consultations will be carried out during this period at community venues and during town events including a family fun day at the market place on 25 May.

Views can also be given online through the council’s consultation page at