East Durham Business Network was formed in 2021 as the result of years of hard work to develop and promote businesses in the East Durham area.

Originally launched as Peterlee Business Park group (PBP) by Business Durham in 2014, the aim was to encourage companies across Peterlee’s three industrial estates and two business parks to come together to share opportunities and develop ideas which will strengthen the area’s offering regionally, nationally and internationally.

The group acted as a voice for all businesses located within the Peterlee Business Park boundaries and encourages those involved to share opportunities, where possible outsource work within the area and to create a more joined up approach to the way the area is marketed.

In 2016, the Peterlee group’s activities expanded to include the core business communities in Seaham, creating Seaham Business Park Group (SBP).

Fast forward another five years and East Durham Business Network was born, following the successful launch of the East Durham Business Magazine, which replaced the previous PBP & SBP newsletters.

The network is run by:

Paul Wellstead – Spectrum Business Park
Leanne Fawcett – LEC Communications & Design
Guy Bashford – Business Durham