Lucy Wood blog: Overcoming emotions and achieving your dreams

The beginning of January was such a turbulent time.

Both my parents had caught Covid-19 on New Year’s Eve and were having to isolate in a room separate to me.

I tested myself and I was negative, which was a bittersweet moment because as much as I was pleased that I didn’t have covid, I was on my own, and it was such a lonely experience.

We did try to communicate through FaceTime. However, it wasn’t the same as being face to face. Despite us all living in the same house, we did keep to the social distancing rules.

I ended up putting myself into isolation even though I realistically didn’t need to because I did not have the virus. The reasoning behind this decision was because I was scared I would contract covid and with me being high risk and immunosuppressant. I also saw how it very quickly affected my mam and my dad.

Surprisingly, out of both of my parents, covid affected my mam a great deal more as she is asthmatic. During the early hours of the January 3, I was woken up by the sound of paramedics downstairs who showed concern for my mam as she had been struggling to breathe and her oxygen SAT levels were dropping rapidly. I could already predict that she was going to be taken into hospital; I was right.

I struggled to sleep that night as I was filled with worry of what was happening. I ended up not going into work the next day as I was waiting on a PCR result, and I had got next to no sleep all night. Thankfully, my mam was not in hospital too long and she was well enough to come home. The rest of the week I stayed at home until Saturday as I decided to go back to work as staying in the house was doing me no favours, both mentally and physically. However, I will admit that the time off allowed me to reassess what I truly want out of life and what I would like to do in the future.

For instance, prior to 2022, I was in the process of applying to university and figuring out what course would like to take. I decided on a course called social media management. Through this course I will understand the ins and outs of what makes engaging posts and create public interest.

I found out around two weeks after applying, while I was finishing off my shift at work, that I had received two offers for the course I wanted to do from the University of Sunderland. A conditional offer, meaning that I would have to get a certain amount of UCAS points once I finish college in June this year in order to do the course in September, and an unconditional offer, where I have already been accepted. However, the unconditional includes a foundation year, which would mean I would get the opportunity to gain a better understanding on the course for a year before I would progress to the full three-year degree programme.

Although this year is an automatic guarantee into university, I do not want to slack off with my college work and take the easy option, as working to the best of my ability and showing that I work hard is what I want to show the university; I want to showcase my skills, expertise and knowledge.

Furthermore, again in 2021, I had an interview at East Durham College with two of the workers at Peterlee Town Council: Ian Morris and Janet Hugill.

Originally, this was meant to be an interview to discuss me gaining work experience with them by creating content for their social media. I brought along the magazine that I created for my EPQ A-level course to give them an insight into what I have created in the past and told them how many ideas I had in creating content for them. Because of this, I was then offered a job.

Now at the time, I did not know what my job role would entail, but I was still ecstatic to even be asked. I found out this year that my job would be a ‘casual’ marketing and communications assistant. This was the job of my dreams, and I could not wait to start!

The year of 2022 has brought me so many challenges, and I have learnt that life is tough, but so am I!