HR BLOG: Why your business should consider a cycle to work scheme

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some, in fact, might not have touched a bike since their school days. But the wheels of change are in motion!

Cycling, either as a way to commute, or even to network, is going from strength to strength. And it’s not just Boris Bikes either, it’s happening all over the UK. Cycle to work schemes have played their part to the benefit of both employers and their staff. Don’t have one in place? Here are five reasons why you should consider it!

Healthy and happy. With Fitbits, Apple Watches and step counters on your phone, it’s easier than ever to notice how inactive you’ve been during the day. Within a health conscious society you’ll find more people taking the stairs, skipping post-work pints and hopping on their bike to work. Your staff may now be much more inclined to stay active, and it’s up to you to ensure the benefits you offer your staff reflect that.

It beats a morning coffee! Know someone you just can’t approach until they’ve had their morning caffeine fix? It’s way too easy to commute on the train or bus half asleep, only awakening when the caffeine hits. Not so much though when you’re on a bike. The fresh air and exercise are natural stimulants, giving your employees the boost they need to arrive ready for work. As an added bonus through the dark winter months, a morning cycle may grant staff extra precious sunlight, keeping SAD at bay.

More cash on the hip. Paying out for petrol, trains or busses every day isn’t cheap. Unless they’ve got a G-Wiz, staff could spend a significant amount of their income on travel. For those looking to cut down on their monthly outgoings and keep more of their money for themselves, pedal power is a great solution. Cycle schemes help cash strapped employees to use a far more economic mode of transport. It may not be a pay rise but the money they save could be the equivalent to one or even more!

Keeping your talent. Are there employees in your workforce who you think you would struggle to replace? Some whose talents may be critical to your businesses success? It’s so important that you do what you can to keep your talented staff, and this is where your benefits and rewards strategy comes in. A cycle to work scheme is just one of many you could incorporate as part of a flexible benefits plan.

No room! Operate from a town or city centre? Is parking scarce at the business park? It’s not always possible for staff to drive in, and sometimes it’s not always practical to use public transport. Instead of double parking or renting expensive parking spaces, and if car sharing isn’t practical, cycling may be the only serious alternative. If this is the case, offering a scheme to help staff on the road should be a serious consideration.

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