HR BLOG: Are you watching the glass door?

The way we choose what to buy, and who to buy from, has changed. No longer do we trust the marketer’s word; we look instead to what other buyers are saying. Buying from Amazon? Your eyes probably skip the description, landing instead on the reviews. This is where the real purchasing decisions are made.

This new way of doing things spreads into other industries. Think TripAdvisor, and how it has swung SMEs’ footfall in the restaurant and leisure industries. It was only a matter of time then before employers would get their own reviews.

The review site for employers

Introducing Glassdoor. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a (albeit sometimes frosted) glass door into your workplace. It allows current/ex-employees to review their time at your company, for the world to see.

The benefits of this are clear. Great reviews could leave you with talent queuing out the door. Bad reviews though, could leave you struggling to recruit, increasing your costs in the long run.

Some of the reviews do get personal as well. They can knock the confidence of an SME owner who puts their heart into the business. Many individuals pay close attention to the personality traits of their employer.

These reviews are open for anyone to see. They are a perfect tool for applicants to ‘get to know’ the company a little better.

Keeping track is key

So keeping track of your company’s Glassdoor account is key. Being able to filter the negative reviews could save you the cost of recruitment after your newly recruited sales rep has just stumbled upon this:

Pros: No positive point. Everything is worst here.

Cons: Worst company to work for as sales guy. You are considered as an animal rather than a human being.

Advice to Management: Shut down the company if you don’t know how to behave to your employees.

Thankfully, we do not live in an era where everything is negatively reviewed. Glassdoor in fact could be a significant promotional tool for your company.

The power of positive reviews

Positive reviews could boost the interest in your company. Not only for potential employees, but even customers or suppliers. A positive review could encourage individuals to buy into the culture and experience your company provides.

It is important to just make sure you are keeping track of your reviews, and provide an active company presence on the site to avoid the pitfalls.

Alison Schreiber runs The HR Dept Durham and Darlington franchise, and works with a number of businesses across PBP. For more info, visit HR Dept Durham and Darlington or call Alison on 01325 526036 or 07535 853226.