HR BLOG: Tips for businesses that are recruiting

June 21st, the date designated for the final lifting of lockdown restrictions, is fast approaching.

You may however have seen in the news some uncertainty as to whether everything will go ahead as planned.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding this date, we are pleased to see that many employers are feeling hopeful about getting back to business by turning their attention to recruitment. Earlier this year it was reported that more than half of British firms had plans to recruit new staff in 2021.

Hospitality businesses are also on the lookout for new hires, with thousands of job openings being created to meet a sudden rise in demand. However, business owners have admitted to it being somewhat of a struggle to fill them.

Businesses recruiting is good news; but vacancies going unfilled means that time, money, and energy is poorly spent. So, what’s causing this drawn-out search for staff? Considering the mass redundancies of 2020, shouldn’t it be much easier to fill a role?

The fact is, like many aspects of work in the past year, recruitment has changed. There are several contributing factors as to why and how this has happened, so if you’re seeking to hire new staff this year, read on for a little help from HR.

How is recruitment different in 2021?

Recruitment in 2021 presents a whole new playing field. From Brexit to the pandemic, there are new challenges for employers to overcome when hiring.

Pandemic-proof is in demand

For starters, many people that were made redundant are re-evaluating their options and looking to re-train for a pandemic-proof role. Because of this, industries hardest hit by the pandemic, such as hospitality, may find that they need to sweeten their offering to attract new hires. On the flipside, pandemic-proof industries can see an influx in under-qualified applicants who are eager to learn.

Job security is a perk

Highly skilled workers were less likely to be made redundant last year and could be sticking with their current employer for job security, thus reducing the number of qualified candidates applying for vacancies. It may take more than a pre-pandemic benefits package and one email to tempt them away.

Hiring from the EU has changed

Post-Brexit recruitment means that welcoming talent from the EU into your team must comply with visa sponsorship rules and the new points-based immigration system. It can make the hiring process longer so planning is highly advised.

Virtual inductions are the new norm

Virtual interviews and inductions became commonplace during lockdown. The convenience they provide suggests that this is a trend likely to stick around for some time. On the plus side, businesses offering homeworking may reach a wider pool of talent with location no longer being a decider. Virtual recruitment can however be difficult to manage if the Internet has a down day.

Taking the time to get recruitment right in 2021

Whether it’s down to too many applicants or simply not enough, hiring for your business post-pandemic can be a time-consuming task. Cutting corners may be tempting, but this can cause problems later down the line.

For example, be wary of candidates willing to accept a significant pay-cut or demotion to work for you. They may have been out of work for some time and eager to accept their first offer, but could leave you hanging as soon as something better comes along. We’d always advise paying someone what they are worth, even if it means holding out a little longer.

Actively looking for candidates has become commonplace, in the same way that you might be looking for customers. Research and relationship building have never been more important when seeking skilled staff to work for your business.

Equally important in 2021 is the experience being offered to new candidates with their pick of jobs. From safety to inclusivity and flexibility, non-tangible benefits are becoming increasingly desirable job perks. Does your job ad include key benefits such as these?

Help from your HR Dept

If you’re drowning in CVs, have had your fill of virtual interviews already this year or simply want some advice on reaching the right candidates, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your recruitment plan for 2021 and get back some valuable time to spend growing your business.