HR BLOG: Managing your team through the Euros

Roy Hodgson is working out how to accommodate his star players. Joachim Löw is trying to motivate his German World Champions to continued success. And you will have your own challenges managing your team during the Euros.

With England, Wales and Northern Ireland in action, the excitement will be more widespread than usual this summer. Employers though, may be expecting a bumpy ride during the tournament. Follow our tips below to make sure you’re leading your own team to success throughout. Let’s look at five key issues for employers and explore how to prevent/resolve them:

Fair play – It’s championed by football authorities and it’s crucial when you are managing holiday requests. With afternoon and evening games scheduled, conflicting holiday requests may come your way. Be as accommodating as you can (rather than book holiday, could staff watch a game and then work extra time?) and when tough decisions need to be made, stick to your policies and be fair.

Be wary of fakers – Just as footballers have taken to diving to get their way, some employees may be tempted to pull a sickie. Remind employees what’s expected of them and of the disciplinary process for foul play.

Yellow cards for time-wasting -Time-wasting is an infuriating tactic in football and it could be just as maddening in your workplace. Could staff be surreptitiously watching games on their computers (an internet policy will help here) or on their own devices. Employees are bound to chat about the tournament, but make sure such conversations don’t become excessive.

Staying match fit – Big sporting events and booze go hand in hand; considering many games are scheduled for the evenings, it’s worth being extra vigilant during the Euros. This shouldn’t call for random breathalyser tests, but it does mean checking your alcohol and drug policies are set up to protect you and your team. Hungover staff are much less able to pull their weight!

The beautiful game – It’s not all about policies and discipline. Tap into the feel-good factor of the Euros to boost staff morale. Run a sweepstake or host a social event based around one of the games; these are easy and popular ways to engage with staff and, most importantly, have fun! Remember, although many who aren’t normally enthused by the sport will be happy to get involved, some won’t be so willing, and may find the whole thing tedious. Something to be mindful of!