HR BLOG: Making the most out of Mondays in your business

Monday could probably be put on the same shelf as Marmite, most people either love it or hate it. Some like to embrace the dawn of a new week and all it promises, whilst others see Monday as a major hurdle to overcome, with next weekend a distant prospect.

That hurdle is notoriously known as the Monday Blues. For some people, the worry of Monday morning is so great that it manifests as early as Sunday evening. In extreme cases, anxiety, or even dread, for a new working week, stops staff from turning up for work.

Monday blues in January

Mondays in January, with the added gloom of shorter daylight hours plus the post-festive comedown, can present an extra struggle for both you and your employees. The third Monday in January has even been labelled Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the entire year. Although we have seen no scientific evidence to support that this is true, we can understand the sentiment.

Tips for overcoming the Monday blues

The Monday Blues, at any time of year, are plausible. They can prove troublesome for your business if left to linger. If you think that a case of the miserable Mondays could be an issue in your workforce, there are some steps you could try to kickstart the week.

  • Make Monday a favourite amongst your employees by giving them something to look forward to. Quick wins or achievements are a good place to start. Can you offer up an incentive or prize for a Monday goal or challenge? It’s best to make it fun or voluntary to avoid it becoming a hardship and having the opposite effect!
  • Try moving major meetings or 121s to later in the week if you can. These might be a source of worry or anxiety for some of your employees, increasing the risk of a Monday absence.
  • Host an educational breakfast or lunch bi-weekly on a Monday. You can ask your employees for input by getting them to vote on themes that would interest or benefit them the most.
  • Introduce a perk, if it works for your business, such as Music Mondays or a dress-down day at the start of the week. If this isn’t for you, how about trialling flexible Mondays with a slightly later start (and if necessary finish) to the day?

Extra support for some

Whilst the above suggestions can help to make Monday more appealing for you and your employees, there may be some members of the team that need a bit of extra support. It’s important to note that significant Monday sadness or reoccurring absences could be due to something more serious. If this is the case, you’ll want to approach this sensitively.

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