HR BLOG: Ever wondered what skill sets your staff have beyond their job roles?

Ever wondered what skill sets your staff have beyond their job roles?

You employed your staff, so you know what they are good at, right? Well, maybe in some cases. But it is likely that several of your staff have hidden talents beyond their job description that could be mutually beneficial to both your business and your employees.

Whether it’s speaking another language or having a creative streak such as photography or blog writing, these types of talents exist and are potentially waiting to be unleashed!

Discover employee interests

When recruiting new staff members, do you always ask what types of interests they have outside of work? If not, start taking note of these skills, however obscure! You never know when you might need them – it might just be the next activity for your team building or fundraising event.

Alternatively, why not create a staff survey for existing employees and ask your team to tell you if they have any skills that they would be willing to share?

As you come to understand the types of talent your workforce has, you may be able to see some cost savings of not having to procure external suppliers. In these instances, you might wish to reward your staff for their expertise and time, reimbursing any costs for supplies or equipment they may need.

Get inspired

Of course, there will be some skills which cannot be used directly in the workplace and during work hours, but why not get creative? Maybe someone enjoys practising yoga in their spare time. So perhaps you could offer them a chance to put on a yoga lesson once a month for their colleagues – to enhance wellbeing and productivity.

Or you might have a budding artist in your midst. Give them the opportunity to demonstrate their talent by commissioning a piece of artwork to enhance your office décor.

Not everyone loves the limelight

Do bear in mind though that not all staff will be forthcoming and want to share their talents. So, as employers, that must be respected. But for those that do, you are giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents in a professional environment to their colleagues.

This can be extra useful if you have a small team and there are limited opportunities for professional development. Cultivating these skills could provide a chance for your staff to feel that you’re helping them progress, whilst they are still contributing to the business. This could ultimately lead to you retaining these talented employees for longer.

The HR Dept are here to help

These kinds of talents are almost inevitably present. Harnessing these skills for your business can encourage your workplace to be a more engaged and collaborative one.

If you would like to find out more about how employee engagement can assist your SME, contact your local HR Dept expert.

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