Experienced businesswomen launch new venture to help growing SMEs

A trio of experienced businesswomen have launched a new venture to help established entrepreneurs and growing SMEs take their success the next level.

Denise Fielding, Alison Machin, and Leanne Fawcett have joined forces to launch Novus Business Collective.

The new business is aimed at those people and SMEs that are already operating successfully but need specialist targeted assistance which could help them grow.

Initially Novus Business Collective will offer help in areas including financial management, business development and planning, coaching and mentoring, communications, design and marketing.

Each business that signs up will be put through an initial diagnostic of their set up to determine which areas they need to invest in to boost their chances of growth.

Denise Fielding, Operations Director of East Durham Business Service, said: “Over the past couple of months Ali, Leanne and I been reviewing the support currently available to businesses in the area and believe there’s a gap in the market for those entrepreneurs and businesses that are established but need some extra coaching and support to take their business to the next level.

“Novus Business Collective will bring together the skills and expertise that we each possess to offer a fully integrated business offering which could significantly enhance the growth potential of SMEs we want to engage with.”

Alison Machin, who runs coaching and mentoring business Think D, which is based in Peterlee, said: “I know from personal experience how invaluable it is to have the right expertise on hand, access to like-minded professionals who can offer targeted support in their specialist area. That’s what Novus Business Collective is here to do, and we believe that this joint venture could be the missing link for businesses and individuals that have the potential to grow.”

Leanne Fawcett set up LEC 10 years ago and the business now has a vast portfolio of clients from sectors including automotive, manufacturing, storage and e-commerce, professional services business support and energy efficiency.

Leanne said: “Our new collaboration is about bringing together myself, Denise and Ali’s many years of experience as business owners to offer a solution that enables people to tap into bespoke support that is right for their business.”

To find out more about Novus Business Collective call on 07824 631950 or visit novuscollective.co.uk.