EDBS announces 2022 line up of business support workshops

East Durham Business Service is holding a series of workshops in 2022 which are designed to help people make the move into self-employment and grow their business when they do.

The workshops are being delivered by Hina Joshi.

Subject and dates below:

Finance Workshops – designed to help people understand the financial complexities of running your own business:

11 January

22 February

22 March

19 April

17 May

Marketing workshops – to help attendees understand how to market their business to grow their audience:

25 January

8 March

5 April

3 May

31 May

Be Your Own Boss Workshops

15 February

15 March

12 April

10 May

The Be Your Own Boss Workshop will provide the following:

  • An understanding of the motivations, barriers, considerations and benefits of Self Employment.
  • What you need to know about self-employment
  • An understanding of business planning and business finance
  • An understanding of what the next step is: ‘Are you ready to work on a business plan?’
  • Support available to get you started

Hina Joshi said: “These workshops will help people understand the many varied and complex elements that come with running a business and will help those thinking of making the transition into self-employment decide if it’s the right thing for them.”

For more information and to book visit: https://edbs.co.uk/edbs-workshops/