Asbestos Audit set to become a major player in the UK environmental industry

Substantial investment has paved the way for targeted and sustainable growth at Peterlee-based Asbestos Audit.

The company is committed to achieving a £7 million turnover by 2025, through a strategic focus on key sectors, active participation in national frameworks and a strong emphasis on sustainable development.

Asbestos Audit, with operations spanning 13 locations across the UK, has notably expanded its workforce from 19 to 60 staff in 2023 and ongoing hiring initiatives are underway to support the expansion of its specialist environmental, demolition and training services.

The company has relocated its headquarters from Sunderland to Peterlee alongside an operational base in County Durham for its growing asbestos removal and demolition departments and its asbestos consultancy has expanded its offering with a new in-house asbestos laboratory and air monitoring division.

Over the past year, the company has witnessed a huge surge in project engagement, scaling up from 5,000 to 25,000 projects. Furthermore, the company has achieved recognition on a national scale by securing significant frameworks with clients such as SITEC, City Fibre, Landmarc MOD, Esh Group and SCCI Alphatrack.

Specialist services provided by the company Include asbestos surveys, asbestos sampling, asbestos removal, contaminated ground testing and remediation, demolition and project management.

Ben Pickard, managing director at Asbestos Audit, said: “Over the past 12 months our growth has been remarkable and this momentum is set to continue. Beyond the structural enhancements we’ve implemented, we’ve also welcomed new, highly skilled talent to our team, particularly, in crucial leadership and management roles. This strategic move is aimed at upholding our exceptional track record in delivering quality and maintaining high standards of health and safety.

“Our vision is to provide the market with an unparalleled, one-stop-shop, enabling us to respond swiftly and with exceptional agility to our clients’ needs, setting a benchmark for the quickest turnaround in the industry. Thanks to our incredibly loyal customer base, we are confident that, with their continuous support, we will successfully realise our goal of establishing a dynamic business founded on organic and sustainable growth.

“The company has identified key sectors for expansion including telecommunications, defence, public sector/NHS and national developers.

“This strategic approach is not just about growth; it’s about a sustainable, meaningful, expansion that aligns with our core values and strengths. As we move forward, we remain committed to delivering excellence, fostering partnerships and making a positive impact in every sector we touch.”